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Front of DAPP's Shop in NorthamptonPlanet Aid UK is the recognised operator working on behalf of DAPP UK and is directly responsible for the maintenance of all the registered charities clothing banks. Since October 2014 Planet Aid UK has agreed to service all DAPP UK’s banks, and to sort their clothes. The clothes donated to the DAPP UK banks are collected by Planet Aid UK’s drivers and brought to our sorting plant where they are sorted by experienced sorters.
The top quality clothes are sold in DAPP UK’s shops in Northampton, Corby, Leicester and Rugby.
The rest of the clothes are sold to dealers meaning that, in this way, DAPP UK get the most out of all the clothes collected.


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Over the years the charity has supported:

  • The education of orphans at the Children’s Town in Zambia (implemented by DAPP Zambia)
  • The education of slum children at the Academy for Working Children in India (implemented by Humana People to People India)
  • Education in Malawi by supplying donated books to DAPP Malawi’s educational institutions.

Every week DAPP UK’s shops will have over 4000 new items for their customers to browse through.

Below you can see a  video about our partnership with DAPP UK