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The Board of Directors have the overall responsibility for the success of Planet Aid UK.                                                    

Together with 9 key staff members Birgit Soe has the daily responsibility of the operation of the company; the expansion, the strategy, the plans and the budget. Regular communication with projects currently supported are also an integral part of the running of the business. Close co-operation with the other Humana  People to People associations in Europe forms a solid ground for making strategies and plans of how to develop the work.      

We have recently increased the number of key staff members which now include Indra Kirsteine (Production Manager) and Dean Rummey (Workshop Manager).                

Key staff meetings are held on a regular basis within different sections of the work giving fundamental inspiration and benchmarking.  

Today the Federation Humana People to People is a worldwide, well-established organisation working in 45 countries, implementing more than 1,250 projects involving more than 12 million people and with over 15,000 employees.

Birgit  Jayne

Birgit Jayne

Bank Refurbishment

Bank Refurbishment