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Mission, our directors

HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE On the platform of The Solidary Humanism in the line of fire. From man to mankind.
From the haves to the have-nots.
From the sound to the sick.
From the store keeper to the empty stomachs.
From the liberated to the chained.
From you to all of them.’  

An extract from the charter of Humana People to People:
From People to People is part of the name of our organisation- The people in our part of the world have the knowledge and the surplus to contribute to people in the developing world - with grants, with know-how and sometimes with just a shirt.  ALL FOR THE SAKE OF OUR COMMON FUTURE.

The directors:

Birgit Soe is the Managing Director of Planet Aid UK.                                                                                    

Since the start of Humana People to People in 1977 Birgit Soe has taken part in the effort to raise funds for Humana‘s projects in Southern Africa and India. In the first 10 years everybody worked as volunteers. In Scandinavia Humana became a well known organisation fighting Apartheid in Southern Africa. A special event was ‘the World’s biggest flea market’ in Stockholm which raised millions of kroner for the development aid work every year. From1987 to 1995 Birgit Soe was one of the leaders of Humana’s operation in Scandinavia. In 1995 she moved to the United Kingdom where she has dedicated her time to build up Planet Aid UK’s fundraising activities in UK to the present day.

Rolf Jacobsen, Director of Planet Aid UK                                                                                                    

For many years Rolf Jacobsen has worked with clothes collection, both in Sweden and in UK. Now, as deputy headmaster of College of International Co-Operation and Development in UK he has been a key figure in training students for development Aid work in Southern Africa and India.

Helle Nielsen, Director of Planet Aid UK                                                                                                            

Helle Nielsen joined the board of Planet Aid UK in 2002. With her long term involvement in Development Aid work she has offered important support to our work. Helle Nielsen currently works as a teacher in Denmark.