Bulwick Tree-planting Initiative


In 2013 Planet Aid UK made an agreement with Isis Forestry and the owner of the Bulwick Estates close to Corby to provide funding and to plant a thousand trees throughout the wintertime with the help of local volunteers who had been encouraged to do something practical and positive as a group in terms of addressing the important issue of Climate Change at the Humana Day in September. This was linked to an extensive tree-planting programme planned for 2014 in which Humana People to People had committed to planting 14 million trees within their projects throughout the year. It was agreed that, for every tree planted in the local area, Planet Aid UK would support the planting of ten trees in Africa, making a total of 10,000 trees in all.

The original planting date was set for December 2013 but had to be postponed until the end of March due to the extremely wet weather we had been experiencing throughout the winter months.  However it was decided in early March that the conditions would not be suitable for tree-planting at that time and it was with great regret that the project had to be postponed until later in the year. The great irony is that it is the weather itself which has prevented this activity going ahead. However, although frustrating and an inconvenience for all involved, we must remain mindful of the fact that when the weather disrupts farming in those countries affected much more by Climate Change the effects on local communities and their livelihoods is devastating. 

Planet Aid UK is fully committed to this initiative and will be back in touch with Isis Forestry and the Bulwick Estates later in the year to rearrange the tree-planting which will probably now take place in December 2014.