‘Thank You’ to Huntingdonshire DC for choosing Planet Aid UK as your textile collector

Huntingdon siteAt the beginning of the year we bidded for a tender from Hunts DC for their textile collection. We were recommended by several other councils for giving a quality, reliable service and providing accurate tonnage figures.
Planet Aid UK has been collecting in the Hunts DC district on private sites for many years and have a good connection with a number of our site hosts. At our Humana Day celebration in September 2013 one of our hosts from the area got an award for being amongst our best ten private sites producing the highest yield per bank.

We were very happy when we were contacted by Hunts DC telling us that we were the chosen collector. After a meeting with their Waste Minimisation Officer we made a plan for how we could improve the clothes collection within the council and how could get it all started quickly. During the first weekend in March we placed 23 clothing banks on Hunts DC’s various bring bank sites. With help from some of our partners in Europe we got it all done in one action, so that the people in the district could have an uninterrupted service after the former collectors had removed their banks.

Thank you to the council and to the residents of Hunts DC for supporting Planet Aid UK. We appreciate your clothes donations and we collect almost all the clothes in sealed bags, which means that no donations are damaged. We are looking forward to years of good co-operation with the council and the residents of Hunts DC.
If you would like to know more about our work and about Humana People to People, the international NGO we are part of, then please contact us. We can also arrange for some of the volunteers who have been to Africa or India to talk to you about their work.