Award for Humana People to People India

HPP India AwardWe are proud to announce that Humana People to People India has been declared the winner under the 'CSR Implementing Agency of the Year (2015-16)' category at the 3rd India CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) summit hosted by NGOBOX.
The awards announcement received an encouraging response with 61 organisations competing for 13 categories and most of these coming from large companies and CSR Foundations
The selection process required a detailed application to be filed highlighting selected flagship programmes of the participating organisation, amongst other details. Humana People to People India pitched in with 3 flagship programmes: KADAM-The Step-up Programme, Urban Community Development Programme and Rural Community Development Programme.

  1. KADAM-THE STEP-UP PROGRAMME: As HPPI's flagship education programme, KADAM focusses on enrolment of out-of-school or drop out children.

  2. URBAN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME: A comprehensive programme implemented by HPPI, the Urban CDP programme adopts a life-cycle approach to a community’s development problems taking into account education, health, livelihoods and environment that are invariably always interconnected.

  3. RURAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME: The rural CDP takes into account the basic aspects of education, agriculture, livelihoods, health and environment in a rural setting. Its scope includes forming farmer clubs for exchange of better agricultural practices, educating women about kitchen gardens and promoting biogas, among other activities.