Tree Planting in Corby

UK Tree PlantingGIMPClimate change is an enormous and daunting threat, but it is a reality that we must face and one that we can and must do something about. Our fear and frustration can be turned into positive and sustainable change and together, we can make our world better for ourselves and for future generations. By working in developing countries where the effects of Climate Change are felt much more, Humana People to People has planted 12 million trees during the rainy season of 2014. More than 1 million people participated in a big contribution to make our planet a better place to live for future generations.

In November 2014, we held a ‘Tree Planting Action Day’ in Corby, close to where our Head Office is based. 52 volunteers participated and 1,000 trees were planted. People from all walks of life were there including the Zimwomen of Northampton and African Youth Arise, Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, local business partners and friends, the Oakley Rangers and volunteers from CICD (who will be going to work in Humana’s aid projects in Africa). Everyone there felt the community spirit and recognised that they were doing something important. We would like to thank the landowner of the Bulwick Estates and the management of ISIS Forestry, for giving us this opportunity and guiding us through the day, ensuring that we planted 1,000 trees.