Planet Aid Uk second hand shop opening

On Saturday 11th September Cllr Deepah Roberts, the Mayor of Rugby, celebrated the opening of Planet Aid UK’s first second-hand shop with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 8 Church Street in Rugby.

Planet Aid UK have collected clothes in the Rugby area for more than 20 years and we are known for our green clothing banks.
The new shop sells more than 2,500 items including good quality clothes and shoes for men, women, and children at affordable prices.

The surplus from the second-hand shop is used for environmental and developmental aid programmes in the poorest parts of the world.
Many people are concerned about the future of our planet.

We can buy second-hand clothes, and make sure the clothes we don’t want any more are not ending up going to landfill. 10% of all CO2 comes from producing new clothes. LET US REUSE WHAT HAS ALREADY BEEN PRODUCED!